About us

The Clann Kids Story

Hello, I'm Eoina and I'm the owner of Clann Kids. I live in the Scottish Highlands with my little family. I've been dreaming of setting up my own online shop selling children's products for some time and I've finally taken the plunge.

The first lockdown was the match in the powder barrel for me to start this business. Although being home with my family was wonderful, I found that my children were hungry for more opportunities for play. Deprived of playparks and soft plays, I quickly realised that having large open-ended toys such as rockers and slides indoors kept them occupied and happy for hours. So I know first-hand how fantastic these products are to have in the home, even just for the odd rainy day!

Promoting independence in children is also something I value hugely and I feel that providing the right environment is key to this. Low-level, open storage ensures that toys and books can be seen at a glance, and are always within reach. Also, kids love sitting at child-sized tables and on child-sized chairs. They definitely enjoy feeling a bit more grown-up! So because this is something I strive for in my own home, and with my own children, the collections of furniture that we sell will always reflect these values.

At Clann Kids, we are proud that our products will always help to foster independence and responsibility, whilst still being fun and stylish. Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram!